How Hard Do You Need To Get Hit To Get A Concussion?

There are a lot of misconceptions about concussions. Believe it or not, you can be in a fairly minor car crash and still get a concussion.

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How hard do you need to get hit in a car crash to have a concussion? There is no specific answer to that. Of course, severe car crashes can cause concussions to some people and yet not to other people. And “minor” car crashes can cause concussions to some people and not to others.

What Exactly is “Minor Damage”?

For example, I have a client who came to me about 12 months after being in a car crash. He was driving a truck and the car that hit him was a truck as well. There was “minor damage” to his truck. He had a chrome bumper that was bent, and he had a tow hitch. So the estimate was less than $1000.

Minor Damage Can Still Cause Injuries

But think about it. This was enough of an impact to take out a chrome bumper. And with the sheet metal of the pickup truck bed, if that’s not crumpling because of the tow hitch, all that force is going right into the passenger compartment. So that’s why even in a “minor damage” car crash, the occupant can still suffer more significant injuries.

Don’t Disregard Your Symptoms

So, if you’ve been in a low speed car crash or minor damage car crash and you’re experiencing unusual symptoms, don’t disregard them. It’s important that you get checked out, and that you are evaluated by a properly trained medical provider. And if you do indeed have a concussion, it’s important that it is treated right away, as quickly as possible, to give you the best hope for a full recovery.

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