Four Myths About Concussions You MUST Know!

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMar 27, 2020
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There are many myths about concussions – from how you can get one to when symptoms must rear their ugly heads.

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Myth One: You Must Have Been in a Major Car Wreck

The first myth that you need to have been in a major car crash or hit your head to have a concussion. What I would like to say is that you can get a concussion without being in a major crash or without hitting your head on either the steering wheel or the window or anything else.

The way you get a concussion is your brain inside your skull hits part of your skull, and then it hits part of the other skull as the impact has happened. So that is a concussion, which is a brain injury.

Myth Two: You Must Have Concussion Symptoms Immediately

Myth number two is that you can’t have a concussion if you felt fine when you left the scene of a crash. I will do some follow-up videos about the chronology of a concussion because it’s different for many people.

But some people think, “I was in a car crash. I felt fine at the scene.” But then, there’s more… “My back, my neck were a little sore a few days later, and then a week later, I started noticing that I was forgetting things that I don’t normally forget.” They may also think, “I was having significant difficulty at work, either concentrating or staying organized.”

That can be a common trajectory for a concussion. So, just because you don’t have a headache within an hour of the car crash, or just because you don’t have dizziness or memory loss or immediate symptoms does not mean that you won’t develop symptoms of a concussion that need to be evaluated by a doctor.

Myth Three: You Can’t Have a Concussion if Scans are Clear

Myth number three is my scan came back totally fine at the hospital. That’s more likely than not going to be the case. A CT and an MRI scan at the emergency room triage for people who need to have immediate brain surgery. They’re not sensitive enough to pick up the types of concussions that I see my clients experience all the time from car crashes. There are a few different types of brain scans out there that are much more sensitive and specific to concussions that I will talk about in future videos.

Myth Four: Concussions are No Big Deal

And finally, there’s myth number four: it’s just a concussion, no big deal. Wrong. A concussion is a very big deal, and if it is not treated properly and competently and as quickly as possible, you could suffer symptoms for life.

Again, be very sensitive to any differences that you’re experiencing after a car crash or after a fall that may be signs of a concussion, and go to the doctor because again, early diagnosis and early treatment will, of course, lead to the best road to recovery for you.

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