Can Concussion Symptoms be Delayed?

If you’ve been in a car crash you may have felt fine when you went home afterwards. Later, you may have begun to have headaches or noticed changes in your concentration. These may be delayed concussion symptoms.

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Are Delayed Concussion Symptoms Possible?

It is most certainly possible to have delayed concussion symptoms. While some people may lose consciousness at the scene of a car crash or automatically feel dizzy, there are symptoms that will not show up immediately.

There are two main reasons why concussion symptoms may not appear for days or even weeks.

What’s Behind Delayed Concussion Symptoms

Distracted by Other Trauma or Injuries

If you had a serious injury from your car crash, you may not notice right away concussion symptoms. If you need surgery for a broken arm or leg, your focus will be on those injuries recovering. It could be a month or so before you notice other symptoms.

Many people describe feeling like they’ve been hit by bus after they’ve been in a car wreck. Your muscles are tensed due to stress and adrenaline, so you will likely feel sore all over your body. You may not think the headache you have is due to concussion.

The Damaged Area of the Brain

Concussions can occur in different parts of the brain. Depending on which part of the brain sustained the injury can determine when symptoms appear.

For instance, if the area of the brain that controls short-term memory, word-finding, and multitasking is injured, you may not experience symptoms until you return to the office. That could be weeks later, and during that time the injury will continue to worsen.

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