Can Concussion Symptoms be Delayed?

If you’ve been in a car crash you may have felt fine when you went home afterwards. Later, you may have begun to have headaches or noticed changes in your concentration. These may be delayed concussion symptoms.

Personal injury attorney Dale Casares discusses why there can be delayed concussion symptoms.

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Hi. So sometimes people ask me is there a delay in concussion symptoms. Well there certainly can be.

Hi my name is Dale Casares. I am a personal injury attorney at Robinson and Henry.

Some people may have loss of consciousness of dizziness at the scene of a car crash or right after a sports injury. Well obviously those are symptoms of a brain injury that are immediate. However there’s two main reasons why symptoms may be delayed for days or weeks.

The Causes Behind Delayed Concussion Symptoms

Distracted by Other Trauma or Injuries

First main reason is because you might be experiencing a more severe injury that might be pre-occupying your mental ability to notice other symptoms that you’re experiencing.

If you have a broken arm or a broken ankle or you need surgery, that is going to be your focus. You’re not gonna be worried about multitasking until, you know, a month later if you try to get back to work or something.

You know, a lot of people tell me after they’ve been in a car crash that they feel like they’ve been hit by a bus. And that is 100% true.

It’s like every muscle in your body was tensed due to the stress and due to the adrenaline, and, you know, a day or two after the car crash you just have no other ability but to lay in bed and that’s perfectly normal and understandable.

The Damaged Area of the Brain

The other main reason why people may not experience or notice concussion symptoms right away is because it could depend on what part of your brain was injured.

The part of the brain that deals with short term memory and word finding and multitasking if that’s part of the injury, if that part of your brain was injured, you’re not going to experience that, like I said, until you try to return to work. And that may be two, three, four weeks down the road.

During that time the injury in your brain has continued to develop.

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