How Concussions Affect Sex Hormones

There is new science about how there is a connection between concussion and hormone changes. Studies are beginning to show that if you have a concussion, there’s a chance it can affect sex hormones and the endocrine system. This is something that hasn’t really been looked at before by personal injury attorneys or insurance companies.

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Concussion and Hormone Changes

And it’s something that you should definitely have evaluated. You should also know that some of the hormonal changes that you might experience after a car crash, a bad slip and fall, or a bad sports injury, could actually be related to the traumatic brain injury that you sustained.

Concussion and Hormone Changes Go Hand-in-Hand?

Concussions can disrupt sex hormones. We’ve recently discovered that women can have worse concussions in the second half of their cycle. In the first half of their cycle, estrogen is high. Then it goes down and progesterone increases.

During the second half of their cycle, when progesterone is higher, women can suffer worse concussions and have worse symptoms. Those concussions can also last longer.

The Effect of Concussions on Progesterone

Progesterone can have a calming effect and improve cognition, memory, and mood. However, as a result of a concussion, the progesterone levels can become lower. The symptoms you may be experiencing because of a concussion could actually be caused by a disruption in your progesterone levels.

This could be a withdrawal effect. Your brain is used to getting a certain amount of progesterone, and now it is no longer getting the same amount. You’re having symptoms from that and the symptoms that you already have from the concussion are becoming worse. These can be symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, mood, and cognition.

Changes in Menstrual Cycles

For example, there are studies that looked at changes in menstrual cycles, fertility, and pregnancies following a concussion. And in one study, 68% of women experienced irregular menstrual cycles after the injury, as well as lower mental health and function.

Your Brain is Trying to Heal

Some of the symptoms you’re experiencing and that you’re so frustrated with after having had a concussion from a sports injury or a fall or a car crash, are caused by your brain. Your brain is trying to heal. Just like you would with a broken arm, you need to take care of your brain, get the rehabilitation, and give it the rest it needs to allow it to heal.

Those symptoms that you may be experiencing are telling you, “This isn’t me. This isn’t who I am.” They are from your brain injury. Make sure that everything is properly evaluated. Now we know that even hormones are affected by brain injuries.

Get Help with Your Personal Injury Case

It’s important to discuss concussion and hormone changes with your doctor. Be sure to explain everything that you’re experiencing and make sure that you let your doctor know that you had a brain injury. There are treatments for hormone imbalances. But you have to recognize these symptoms, recognize that they can be related to a traumatic brain injury, and then get treated for them. Get them evaluated, get a diagnosis, and then get treatment.

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