Where to Get Treatment for Your Concussion

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedApr 25, 2020
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Believe it or not, car crash concussions need specialized treatment. In addition to getting the right care for your recovery, seeing a concussion specialist is incredibly beneficial during insurance settlement negotiations or litigation.

Questions About Where to Get Concussion Treatment? 

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Where to Get Concussion Treatment 

After a car crash, you may have gone to urgent care or to the emergency room. That’s a great place to start. But where do you go when it’s time to follow up?

Maybe you have a primary care doctor and when you called them, they may have said, “We don’t want anything to do with car crash cases because of health insurance billing issues.”

Car Crash Injury Clinics

So I want to let you know that there are specialized car crash injury clinics. There are several in the Denver metro area and also in the Colorado Springs metro area. They know specifically what to look for when it comes to car crash injuries.

And they also know how to document all diagnoses, treatment plans and recommendations. After all, we need that evidence for settlement purposes and if we go into litigation.

Clinics Useful in Lawsuits

And when it comes to going into litigation, these doctors have done it before. So, they know what is needed in litigation, in depositions, and in discovery, should that be necessary. And in all these cases, if the insurance company isn’t going to give you a fair offer, it goes into litigation.

Clinics Provide Proof of Injury

So from day 1, we need to be prepared to go to trial. And that starts with very clear documentation. These clinics will evaluate you and treat you. And if you are not returning back to 100%, i.e., where you were before the injury, after the initial course of conservative treatment, then your care gets elevated.

Follow Up Care

Maybe you need imaging. Maybe you need a specialist. Maybe you need some kind of other treatment referral.

These doctors at the car crash injury clinics know exactly what to do. And they understand the progression of things that need to happen to make those records and injuries something that we can use for a settlement.

And we’ll also be able to use them when it comes to litigation. In fact, they will often treat you on a lien basis. It’s something that I covered in the last video and post. Of course, I’ll also be happy to answer any additional questions if you have them.

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