5 Questions to Ask an Attorney Before You Hire Them

It’s important to hire the right attorney to represent you in your legal matter. Civil litigation attorney Robert Harper provides five questions to ask an attorney before you hire them.

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Ask These Questions to Find the Right Attorney

You’ll certainly have a lot of questions to ask your attorney before you hire them. Below are five questions we think will help you find the right attorney for your legal matter.

What’s Your Experience?

You definitely want to know how many cases like yours the attorney handles on a regular basis.

Attorneys, no matter which legal areas they may have studied in law school, can take on any case they want. You deserve an attorney who will provide outstanding legal representation.

By asking this question, you’ll discover whether the lawyer is well-versed in the area of law related to your legal matter.

What’s Your Process?

Next, you’ll want to ask how do you approach each case?

Let’s say you are in the midst of a nasty business dispute that requires the help of an attorney to resolve it.

By asking the about the attorney’s process, you’ll find out if the attorney is the kind to push the envelop, which is what you need for that kind of particular legal issue.

Do I Have Other Options?

This isn’t a question everyone thinks to ask, but it’s important to find out if you have other options to resolve your legal problem without hiring an attorney.

You do not always need to hire an attorney to solve your legal issue. A good attorney will offer this type of information if it’s an option.

How Will You Keep Me Informed?

Communication is one of the top complaints attorneys receive about their representation. So you’ll want to what kind of communication system your attorney has in place to ensure you are kept abreast of your case.

Will you receive regular phone calls or emails? How easy is your attorney to reach? Does he or she have a paralegal who can update your case’s progress?

How Do You Feel About My Case?

Once you and an attorney have discussed the facts of your case and your goals you should ask about the likely outcome for your case.

To be fair, this question doesn’t always have a clear-cut answer. After all, this first meeting with your attorney is meant to gather initial information.

However, you want to find an attorney who feels confident about the outcome of your case, as well as explain the pros and cons and risks associated with your case.

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