Stepparent Visitation and Custody

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 16, 2018

UpdatedSep 7, 2022
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image of stepparent sitting with his stepchild after getting custody of him.
When you aren’t the biological parent, but you’ve developed a close and loving relationship with your stepchild, it’s easy to feel a bit powerless in a divorce. You are right to be concerned about the impact a divorce may have on your relationship with your stepchild.

Stepparents can claim custody of a child if that child has been in their care for six months before filing if certain other requirements are met. Gaining the legal right to visitation can hinge on such issues as how long you acted in the role of a biological mother or father to the child, how important you were to the child’s life, and whether or not the child depended on you financially or emotionally. Gaining stepparent visitation is easier than gaining custody following a divorce.

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