Defining Spousal Support

August 25, 2020 | Bill Henry

Most people are familiar with alimony, but what about spousal support? In Colorado, the courts refer to alimony as spousal support.

If you expect to or are in the midst of a divorce, you’ll want to understand how spousal support is calculated.

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What is Spousal Support?

Many states refer to monetary support an ex-spouses receives as alimony. In Colorado, it’s called spousal support or spousal maintenance.

When You Can Receive Spousal Support

Generally, the marriage has to have lasted for three or more years for spousal support to be award.

If you are the lower income earner, you can ask to receive spousal maintenance from the higher income-earning spouse.

How is Spousal Support Calculated?

The state of Colorado uses a formula to determine how much spousal support you could receive – or be ordered to pay.

The calculator takes into account both spouses’ incomes. While income is an important factor of a spousal support award, it isn’t the only determinant.

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