*CASE STUDY: Restrict Parenting Time During COVID

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedOct 19, 2021
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Family Law Team Helps Client with Immunocompromised Child Find Peace of Mind

Imagine this scenario: Your child is severely immunocompromised and could die if they catch COVID-19. Your ex-partner – your child’s other parent – refuses to implement minimal safeguards to prevent a tragedy. And, so far, the courts have not taken seriously your cries for help. Sounds like a nightmare, right? That was not a scenario for our client; it was real life.

In the following case study, you’ll read how Robinson & Henry’s Family Law Team successfully helped this client convince the court to restrict their ex-partner’s parenting time for the child’s safety.

Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Each matter is different and must be judged on its own merits. Facts are those of an actual Robinson & Henry family law case. The client’s name was changed to protect their privacy.

A Mother’s Desperate Fight for Her Daughter

Robinson & Henry client Tamara needed help to convince her ex-partner and the court to take steps to minimize her child’s exposure to COVID-19.

Tamara’s child was born with medical conditions that left her severely immunocompromised. Doctors can treat the child’s conditions, but they cannot cure them at this time. That means Tamara and anyone else who has close contact with the child must take safety measures to reduce her chances of contracting COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the child’s father refused to take even minimal precautions to reduce the likelihood his daughter would catch COVID.

“[My child] may not live another year if I do not fight for her life and safety and advocate on her behalf,” Tamara said.

With no success on her own, Tamara needed the help of a compassionate and resolute attorney.

Robinson & Henry Highlands Ranch Lead Family Law Attorney Marlana Caruso and her team would handle the case.

The Challenges:
Overcome an Unmoved Court & Father 

The Court

“Our courts have notoriously ignored parents’ reservations on parenting time and access to activities due to the existence of COVID,” Marlana said. “[The courts] have taken ‘an order is an order’ type of stance.”

For most family law cases, the principal COVID issue among them has been remote learning.

These days, COVID is part of every family law case that involves children because parents ensure the children’s safety.

But the virus itself – or in this instance, trying to prevent a child from catching it – has never been the central issue for our team, until Tamara’s case. The court’s position on court-ordered parenting time during the COVID-19 pandemic would be the team’s greatest hurdle.

The Father

In addition to convincing the court, Marlana’s team also faced an opposing party who staunchly denounced COVID safety measures widely recommended by the medical community to protect people like the child in this case.

Our attorneys were “shocked by the father’s ambivalence about the child’s severe health impairments and his refusal to take even minimal precautions to ensure the safety of the child.”

Finally, someone acknowledged Tamara’s concerns. She said her counsel’s validation gave her the confidence she needed to continue to fight for her daughter’s safety.

“This eased my mind greatly, and I felt I could really open up to and trust [them] with my daughter’s life,” Tamara said. “The doctors and family are not just partnering to save and preserve my daughter’s life; her attorney is, too. [They are] my daughter’s advocate.”

The Solution:
Request Court to Restrict Parenting Time

Some family law cases have multiple legal options to reach a resolution. This one did not.

Tamara and the child’s father were already going through the process to have the court assign parental responsibilities. But that would take months.

“The only other option was to wait until final orders,” Marlana’s team said of the court designating parental responsibilities. “The opposing party was not going to allow us that luxury.”

The only option to protect the child was to request a temporary orders hearing. Temporary orders are issued by a judge on pending cases, like Tamara’s. The orders are enforceable until the court renders its final orders.

Preparing to Go to Court

To get ready for court, Maralana’s team investigated the child’s significant health challenges. They scoured records provided by Tamara and the child’s team of doctors.

When the research was complete, they developed a strong argument to illustrate how the child’s father was jeopardizing her wellbeing. They decided to ask the court to restrict parenting time for the father and compel him to take safety measures.

The days leading up to the temporary orders hearing were nerve-wracking for Tamara. But part of an attorney’s job is to prime the client for court, particularly providing his or her testimony.

The last bit of advice Tamara’s team gave her prior to the hearing was to “stand up to the judge and force him to recognize the severe health challenges the child faced because the child’s very life depended on it.”

Tamara said that pep talk gave her the courage to “speak up for what [she] believed was right in the face of adversity and in spite of [her] fears.”

The Outcome:
The Court Restricts Parenting Time

As a result of Tamara’s tenacious spirit and testimony, the court agreed that the child was being put in harm’s way by the father’s unyielding behavior.

The court ordered the father to comply with certain safety precautions during limited and supervised visits with the child.

Tamara credits the compelling closing statement as a major factor in obtaining a good outcome, “[It] was bold and courageous,” Tamara said. “I am incredibly thankful [my attorney] upheld the standards of integrity and accountability.”

While Tamara’s case is not over, she is relieved her child’s life will not be at risk during visits with her father.

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Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Each matter is different and must be judged on its own merits. Facts are those of an actual Robinson & Henry probate case. The client’s name was changed for privacy.

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