Colorado Post-Decree Matters Lawyer Discusses What to Do When Your Situation Changes After the Court Enters the Divorce Decree

what to do when your situation changes after your divorce

Things change. Where you are right now, before you begin, is far from where you will be after it’s over.

Your job, where you live, who you’re with could change at any time after your divorce. That’s why you are doing it. To change.

And if those things change, the terms of your divorce may change as well.

  • If you or your spouse’s jobs change, it may change the amount and length of spousal maintenance or child support.
  • If you or your spouse moves, it could change parenting time and parental decision making.
  • If you or your spouse re-marries, well that would change everything.

You need the best team of attorneys and advocates to be there for you before, during, and after the divorce. You need information on what to expect and support during the process, as well.

You need Robinson & Henry, P.C.

Our team of expert family law attorneys will help you prepare for your divorce, be your champion during the process, and be there for you after if things change. We will guide you through the legal process of getting your freedom.

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