Consider This Family Court Alternative

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 17, 2020
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Are you waiting for courts to take action on your case? If so, there is a family court alternative.

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If you are specifically waiting for a court to a issue permanent orders hearing or a temporary orders hearing date you may want to consider this family court alternative.

Consider this Family Court Alternative

Arbitration is Another Option to Court

Arbitration is a lot more flexible in the scheduling and can oftentimes be the right fit for your case.

If you have a final orders hearing that has been pushed out many months but you were seeking a resolution now or in the near future, arbitration may be the better choice.

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration often looks a lot like a hearing with evidence put on in a similar structure.

Arbitration is a lot more relaxed in the rules of evidence and in the testimony presented.

Sometimes, this fits more complex cases as well.

If arbitration sounds like a good fit for your case, let your attorney know or contact us at Robinson & Henry.

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