Attorney Fees During Divorce

Attorney’s Fees

Even though we strive to keep our clients’ expenses to a minimum, obtaining a divorce in Colorado can be costly.  Many of our clients seek to have the court award them attorney’s fees in their settlement.

There are typically three reasons the court may award attorney’s fees in a Colorado divorce or custody case:

  • If there is great income disparity between the parties, then the more financially able can be ordered to pay attorney’s fees.
  • If one party behaves so inappropriately in the case that proceedings are longer (and more costly) than necessary, then sometimes the non-offending party is not be held responsible for increased attorney’s fees.
  • If one party is held in contempt of court, sometimes the other party is not required to expend attorney’s fees because of the offending party’s violation.

When you first meet with your Robinson & Henry attorney, mention your desire to have your attorney’s fees covered by the other party. Although the court does not always grant these requests, the request can mitigate costs.