2020 Colorado Medicaid Planning Download

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMay 11, 2020
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Long-term care is expensive, so we created this 2020 Medicaid Planning download. Did you know that it will cost more than $100,000 this year for someone to be cared for in a Colorado nursing facility?

Many individuals cannot afford to pay this expense out of pocket. Even people who saved have trouble meeting the cost. Individuals with low income or high medical costs relative to their income and assets can receive the nursing facility care they need through Medicaid assistance.

Disclaimer: Medicaid eligibility is updated on an annual basis. However, the figures presented in this guide provide a good estimate for 2021. 

2020 Medicaid Planning

Individuals and couples who anticipate needing long-term care – and help paying for it – could really benefit from Medicaid planning. There are strict income and asset Medicaid eligibility rules that can disqualify people for assistance for months or years.

These rules change annually, and they are specific to each state. Download Colorado’s 2020 Medicaid income rules.

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