How A Denver Theft Lawyer Can Help You

picture of a man that hired a criminal defense attorney to defend him being arrested for stealingBeing convicted on charges of theft has serious consequences, and may impair your future opportunities. If you have been arrested and charged with theft in Denver, do not delay in calling our knowledgeable theft lawyers

What Is Theft Under the Law?

According to Colorado Revised Statutes Section 18-4-401, theft is committed when a person “knowingly obtains, retains, or exercises control over anything of value over another” without that person’s permission or authorization, or does so by deception or by threat. A person also commits theft if they receive, loan, or dispose of anything of value that belongs to another, and which they believe to have been stolen.

Penalties for Theft in Colorado

The penalties for theft depend upon the amount of goods involved in the crime. According to the same section of Colorado code cited above, the penalty for petty theft – which is defined as theft involving an item that is valued as under $50 – is a class 1 petty offense.

The crime becomes a class 3 misdemeanor offense if the goods involved are valued between $50 and $300; a class 2 misdemeanor if the goods are valued between $300 and $750; and a class 1 misdemeanor if the goods involved are valued between $750 and $2,000.

If the goods involved in the theft crime are valued at more than $2,000, the crime becomes a felony. The crime may be a class VI, class V, class IV, class III, or class II felony if the goods are valued as up to $5,000, $20,000, $100,000, $1,000,000, or more than $1,000,000, respectively.

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Work With an Experienced Denver Theft Lawyer

If you are convicted of theft, you may face prison time and a fine. By working with an experienced Denver theft lawyer, you improve your chances of having charges against you dropped or reduced, or having your sentence reduced. The representation of a competent criminal defense attorney is a constitutional right – take advantage of it by calling us at 303-688-0944.


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