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November 6, 2018 | Bill Henry

It can be an extremely exciting decision to make improvements to your home or to even build a brand-new home for your family. However, these enterprises often involve a lot of your hard-earned money and you want to make sure everything is done just right and that your expectations are met. For this reason, you want to always carefully choose the home contractor that you hire to oversee the job.

Unfortunately, even home contractors that come highly recommended or who you believe you can trust can make costly errors or may try to take advantage of homeowners. Home contractor projects can easily take too long, go well over budget, or involve different work than you originally agreed to. When a conflict arises between you and your contractor, you want to resolve it as efficiently and favorably as possible and, hopefully, your contractor can get back on track and finish the job. In order to achieve such conflict resolution, it is often a wise idea to discuss your situation with an experienced Denver home contractor dispute attorney at the law office of Robinson & Henry, P.C. We understand complex home construction laws and have many tools to successfully resolve your conflict, so please do not hesitate to call us today.

Contract Review

At the start of every project, you and your contractor should sign a contract that sets out in writing the expectations for the job. Such a contract can cover many issues, including:

  • The timeline for the improvements or build;
  • The scope of the contractor’s work on your home;
  • The cost of the materials and labor approved;
  • Who will cover the upfront cost of the materials;
  • How you will resolve any disagreements should they arise.

It is only natural that details regarding the project may change and unforeseen complications or costs may arise. In such a situation, you should always update your contract to reflect any changes in agreement. It can be extremely helpful to have a lawyer review your contract before signing as this document can be critical to protecting your rights in a subsequent dispute. Should a conflict arise, we can examine your contract for any signs of breach on the part of your contractor.

Dispute Resolution Options

Rushing into court is far from the only option to resolve a home contractor dispute. At Robinson & Henry, we will explore every cost-effective way to resolve conflict before turning to litigation. The following are some methods of resolving these disputes:

  • Negotiation: Sometimes all it takes is a conversation with your lawyer to get your contractor to understand your point of view;
  • Mediation or Arbitration: These forms of alternative dispute resolution can be significantly cheaper and faster than a legal claim and can result in a more agreeable outcome;
  • Litigation: If you are unable to resolve your conflict in any other manner, we will not hesitate to take your case against your contractor to court.

Our Experienced Denver Home Contractor Dispute Attorney Can Help

At Robinson & Henry in Denver, our home contractor dispute lawyers have helped many homeowners settle conflict and keep moving toward their dream homes. Please call for an assessment at 303-688-0944.

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