Sealing a Criminal Record

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedJun 16, 2021
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Sealing a criminal record can be a total game-changer for you. It can improve your chances of getting a better job, a better place to live, and more confidence in your here and now.

Robinson & Henry’s Lead Criminal Defense Attorney Ryan Robertson discusses sealing a criminal record in this article and video.

Have a Criminal Record You Want to Seal?

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Sealing a Criminal Record

Sealing is different than having a criminal record expunged. However, many people mistake these two legal actions to be interchangeable. They’re not. So let’s explore what it means to seal a criminal record.

When you seal a criminal record, you are essentially having your criminal case suppressed by the court. That means, your criminal record cannot be seen in a background check or anything else along those lines. Only members of law enforcement will be able to see your criminal record once it is sealed.

Why Sealing a Criminal Record is Important

Jobs & Apartments

Sealing a criminal record can greatly improve your everyday life. If your criminal record is totally visible, potential employers will be able to see a misdemeanor or felony on a background check. So sealing a criminal record can improve your chances of getting a job. It can also improve your chances of locating a better place to live.

What Crimes Can be Sealed

Most crimes in Colorado can be sealed. However, there are some exceptions. For instance, criminal traffic offenses, such as DUIs cannot be sealed.

Other Criminal Offenses that Cannot Be Sealed
    • domestic violence convictions
    • sex offenses
    • high-level felonies, such as class one, two, and three felonies

Outside of that, sealing a criminal record is not a matter of if it can be sealed, but it is a matter of when it can be sealed.

Get Help Sealing a Criminal Record

Hiring a criminal defense attorney to help you with sealing a criminal record of a misdemeanor or felony offense will ensure the process is completed correctly.

Let our Criminal Defense Team help you get your life back on track so you do not have to worry about a mistake from the past affecting your future.

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