Step 1 to Get a Restraining Order

It’s important to understand the process to obtain a restraining order in Colorado – whether you’re seeking one or one has been sought against you.

In the first part of a two part video series, we discuss the first step to obtain a restraining order in Colorado.

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What is a Restraining Order?

You may know civil protection orders as restraining orders or just protection orders. Restraining orders are orders that are issued by a court that one person, the restrained party, stay away from another person, the protected party.

There’s a two-step process to obtain a protection order.

Get a Restraining Order – Step One

File a Formal Complaint

The first step to getting a temporary protection order it to fill out a verified complaint seeking a temporary protection order and file it with the court in the appropriate jurisdiction, typically where you live.

Information in the Complaint

You’ll want to outline the facts in the complaint so the judge has a good understanding of what your situation is. Temporary protection orders can be issued by statute for a limited number of reasons.

Temporary restraining orders aim to prevent:
    • assaults
    • domestic abuse
    • abuse of the elderly
    • sexual assault or abuse
    • prevent stalking

What Happens at the Initial Hearing

Once a verified compliant is filed, a hearing will be set fairly quickly; many times the same day. At that hearing, the judge must be convinced there is imminent danger to the person seeking the restraining order.

The initial hearing is heard without the other party being present in the courtroom.

If the court believes there is imminent danger, the judge will issue a temporary protection order. At that time, another hearing will be set to determine if the temporary order should be made permanent.

The second hearing will be scheduled for not more than 14 days later.

Have Questions about Restraining Orders? 

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