Criminal Case Delayed? Here’s What to do Next!

August 21, 2020 | Bill Henry

The pandemic has affected many aspects of our daily lives, including our court system. There is a major backlog in criminal cases.

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While jury trials have resumed, there is a massive backlog of cases waiting to go to trial.

Here’s What This Means for You

If your case is part of that backlog, make sure you have representation so you will be prepared when your case comes up.

Also, hiring an attorney means you’re hiring an advocate. Due to the backlog, and new criminal cases joining the rolls, the courts and prosecutors (in theory) may be incentivized to move cases along. If you have an attorney, you may achieve a more reasonable type of resolution.

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If your case is backlogged, schedule a case assessment with our criminal defense team. They may be able to help move your case along so you resolve it more quickly with the best possible outcome.

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