Colorado For Sale By Owner Real Estate Lawyer

For Sale By Owner Saves Colorado Home Buyers and Sellers Thousands

For Sale By Owner

Robinson & Henry real estate attorneys provide legal representation to do-it-yourself home buyers and sellers throughout the Front Range.

Many homeowners choose to sell their homes without the assistance of a real estate broker. This is generally referred to as For Sale By Owner or FSBO, which can save sellers thousands of dollars in broker fees.

Likewise, many homebuyers choose to work directly with the seller to avoid the costs associated with hiring a real estate broker. Whether you are a home buyer or seller, we can help you with the legal aspects of buying or selling your home. Our real estate attorneys will draft the buy and sale contract and other documents necessary to formalize the transaction and move to closing.

“We did want to thank you for all your help and advice. We had never done a “for sale by owner” and were a bit unsure of what to expect throughout the entire process. Your expertise and guidance through the contract process not only put our fears at ease but saved us quite a lot of added expense had we done this with a realtor. We will certainly look to you for assistance should we go through this again.” – Jim, a For Sale By Owner Client

Key Highlights

  1. Low legal fees
  2. free case assessment
  3. Help protect yourself from a legal nightmare

Questions that Crop Up During the FSBO Process

As a seller, would you prefer to deliver a special or a general warranty deed? As the buyer, what kind of survey should you demand?

When should the inspection deadline be set? What about the disclosures, the mortgage, the survey, and due diligence deadlines?

Which title company should you use? What do you do if the seller or buyer wants to cancel the deal?

If you aren’t sure about how to answer some or all of these questions, our real estate attorneys can help.

A Snapshot of the Buying & Selling Process

A Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate is a serious, legally binding contract, with many financial and legal consequences. And, it is only the beginning of the legal process of buying or selling a home.

Once you have an executed contract, you still have due diligence deadlines, title reports, settlement statements, the deed, and other closing documents to consider and review.

How We Can Help You

Our real estate attorneys can help you ensure:
  • you do not create significant legal liability for yourself
  • the contract is properly drafted
  • you provide or receive all the proper disclosures
  • you provide or receive a proper deed at closing

By hiring a real estate attorney, you ensure the entire process, from signing the contract to the closing date, goes smoothly.

How Much Money Can You Save?

If you sell your home for $400,000 you could save as much as $22,500 compared to the traditional 6% listing contract with a broker. And because you will be represented by a law firm, you get the value of having an experienced real estate attorney on your team as opposed to the limited services provided by a real estate agent.

Our real estate attorney can provide the following professional services:
  1. Preparation of the Buy and Sell Contract
  2. Explain the nuances of the Contract and how it is crafted to favor you
  3. Preparation counter-offers or amendments to the Contract
  4. Review of all critical dates and deadlines from contract date to closing date
  5. Legal review of all title work and discuss matters that may affect your legal interest in the property
  6. Legal review and meeting on all closing documents and settlement statements

We go the extra mile to make sure you understand the process and are fully protected. We’ll answer all your questions about the contract and title. As experienced real estate practitioners, we’ll help you prevent objections to your demands.

Selling or buying a home is the biggest financial transaction of many people’s life. It only makes sense to hire an experienced real estate professional before initiating the contract.

Connect with a Real Estate Attorney

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Hiring a real estate attorney to assist you in buying or selling a home is a smart choice. Our attorney will help you succeed in selling or buying your home. We get involved once a buyer and seller are ready to have a contract drafted. Our attorney will take you from contract negotiation to the closing while looking out for your best interest throughout the process.