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We help parties resolve contract disputes and ensure your rights.

A contract dispute can be difficult to resolve on your own. Often, a contract dispute arises because two parties can’t agree on the interpretation of a contract. An experienced contract lawyer can review the contract and analyze the legal rights and obligations of both parties – leaving no room for interpretation by either party. Contract disputes can affect your agreement, assets, and even lead to a lawsuit. Robinson & Henry’s experienced contract attorneys can advise you of your rights and responsibilities. Let our experience guide you. Contact an attorney for an assessment.

Colorado Contract Disputes Lawyer Resources

Construction Defect Dispute

Contract Disputes, General LitigationAttorney: Richard Schmittel

June 26, 2021 – Home improvements can be as expensive as they are exciting. You have a vision, and you would understandably want the home contractor you hire to fulfill that vision. Unfortunately, even the most highly recommended home contractor can make costly errors or even try to take advantage of you.

Our client was in this situation when he reached out to Robinson & Henry’s Civil Litigation Team. He had paid a home contractor over $200,000 to install an indoor pool. The contractor began the work, but never finished the job. Our attorneys were able to negotiate a settlement that will see all of the client’s money returned to him.

Prepared Mechanic’s Lien

Contract DisputesAttorney: Stephen Whitmore

June 10, 2021 –  If a client fails to pay a contractor or a subcontractor, the contractor can utilize a mechanic’s lien. This means filing a legal claim against a home or other property. Filing a mechanic’s lien prevents the property owner from selling or refinancing the property until they have paid the contractor.

Our client, a licensed contractor, was putting tile up on a customer’s bathroom wall and in soap niches. Before he began working, he told his customers that anything fragile needed to be put somewhere safe. However, he was unaware that there was a shelf on the other side of the wall he was working on. Vibrations from his work caused a bottle to break.

Our client replaced the bottle. However, the opposing party refused to pay him the $3,200 he was owed from the job. Our litigation team helped the client prepare and record a mechanic’s lien. This resulted in the complete recovery of the funds due to him.