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Colorado Restraining Orders Lawyer

What you need to know.

Restraining orders are complex and difficult to obtain - and fight. What are your rights?

There are many different types of restraining orders – from civil harassment orders and domestic violence orders, to workplace violence, dependent adult orders, and juvenile orders. Proving to a judge that you need a restraining order can be difficult – and fighting one, even more so. We can help individuals seeking to place a restraining order, as well as fight a restraining order. Robinson & Henry’s experienced family law attorneys can provide guidance on how and when to use a restraining order, help build your case, and advise you of your rights and responsibilities. Let our experience guide you. Contact an attorney for an assessment.

Colorado Restraining Orders Lawyer Resources

    Obtained Restraining Order for Domestic Violence Victim

    Restraining OrdersAttorney: Robinson & Henry

    June 6, 2021 – A person who is a victim of domestic violence needs to take action quickly to protect themselves. Seeking a domestic violence protection order is one of the best ways to gain legal protection from domestic violence. This type of order prohibits the violent or threatening party from restraining the victim, stalking, sexually abusing, or entering or traveling near specific locations where the victim may be.

    In this case, our family law attorneys successfully represented a domestic violence victim to secure a protection order against her abuser. We also negotiated a stipulated extension of that protection order for six months.