Review; Thanks For The Help

February 22, 2016 | Bill Henry

I just wanted to take moment during the past month or so you all have helped me. I can’t thank you Hannah Van Roekel and Nicolas Obermeyer enough for all of your professional help during this very stressful time.

I feel so fortunate to have retained you and know that you, Hannah and Nic have gone above and beyond to try to help me sort through the mess and meet such grueling timelines. I realize this endeavor is costly, stressful and so hard. However you, Hannah and Nic have made it a little easier for me sleep at night. Thank you!

The three of you have put your minds together on so many occasions to help my case. The organization in your office to make sense of my paperwork, the timely responses to any concerns are outstanding. Each one of you brings something to your team, it’s quite remarkable. I have had 3 previous attorneys and am blown away by the amount of intelligence, ethics, organization, responsiveness and work ethic as well as understanding my situation to make this easier on me.

I will be forever grateful to you, Hannah and Nic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work.

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