Testimonial: Neighbor Boundary Dispute Resolved with a Letter

“We built a new home on property that was vacant for approximately five years. During the five year period a neighbor encroached on the property several feet with a fence, garden, parked trailers, cars and shed. Neighborly talks had no effect on them moving any of the items. We were only met with anger, retaliation by putting more items on the property, and shouts of “Public Access rights” and “eminent domain” threats from the neighbor. We engaged Mr. Whitmore as our attorney, met with him, and followed his recommendations. The encroachments were removed after the neighbor received a letter from Mr. Whitmore explaining in firm words that he, as our attorney, were willing to pursue any means to recover the rightful property for us. The neighbor is still there, but we have since had a fence placed on the property lines, and things are fairly peaceful for us once more. We would without hesitation enlist the aid of Mr. Whitmore once again should our neighbor begin to disrespect our property owners rights. We cannot thank Mr. Whitmore enough for his opinions, recommendations and legal services. His services, openness with recommendations and friendly involvement made him more like a friend than an advocate. Mr. Whitmore deserve high praise, does not fit the stereotype of the many Lawyers portrayed by a few. He is genuine and involved in the situation we brought before him. Highly recommended!” – a litigation client

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