I can’t say enough positive feedback for James Garts

[This review appears on Avvo.com. It was originally posted on December 18, 2013]
When I first met with James I had been served with divorce papers the week prior, and my now ex-wife had filed a restraining order prohibiting contact with her and our 4 year old son. She had hired a notoriously malicious (and very expensive) attorney who in less then a week had me feeling hopeless and literally afraid that my divorce might include a jail sentence.

The day I met with James he had started the ball rolling to allow me to spend fathers day with my son, and had completely changed my outlook. The divorce process itself was hell, even our arbitrator commented that in her decades of experience she had never seen a divorce with this much drama. It was James’ advice, and sometimes heavy handed guidance that kept me above all the slander and allegations from my ex and her attorney, and eventually left me sitting on top when the dust settled. In the end I was able to keep my home, nearly all the property I wanted, and I was able to negotiate over $2Ok in alimony payments down to $8k.

However what is most important is I have a 50/50 custody plan for my son, and he is going to remain with my school district.

I can’t say enough about how happy I am with James and the service he provided me. From my perspective there is absolutely no question that he outperformed opposing counsel whom my ex paid nearly double in fees.