General Estate Planning

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A Must-do for all Colorado Blended Families: Updating Your Estate Plan

Aug 3, 2017

Remarriage is a wonderful second chance at happiness. While it does come with unique challenges of merging families and separate assets...

Our Colorado Estate Planning Attorneys Discuss 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Colorado Estate Plan

Aug 3, 2017

In a nutshell, an estate plan ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes following your death. But there’s reall...

Q&A with our Lawyers: How Your Divorce Will Impact Your Colorado Estate Plan

Aug 3, 2017

Our divorce and estate planning attorneys discusses what to do with your Will after a divorce, happens if you don’t update your e...

Colorado Estate Planning if you Have Minor Children

Aug 3, 2017

Whether your days are spent wrangling toddlers, driving pre-teens to soccer practice and dance recitals or you just brought your first ...

Remarriage and Children

Mar 31, 2015

If I get remarried, how can I protect my assets and ensure they go to my children? If you get remarried, there are several ways to prot...

Ex-Spouses & Your Assets

Mar 31, 2015

Can my ex-spouse have any control over my Estate if I die? Although your ex-spouse loses many rights to your estate after you divorce, ...