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Outrageous Property Tax Assessment? You Can Appeal!

Apr 28, 2020

Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment! Your local tax authority does not always consider all the changes that occur to your property when...

Unpaid Wages? You Have a Right to Recover Them!

Apr 27, 2020

You have a legal right to recover your unpaid wages! Litigation attorney David Hannum has some quick advice about how you can get paid....

Find Debt Relief AND Keep Your Car or Home

Apr 27, 2020

Keep Your Car & Home AND Lose the Debt! People often wonder if they will lose literally everything, including their vehicle and the...

Learn How to Use Colorado Law to Speed Up Eviction

Apr 27, 2020

LEARN HOW TO EVICT A TENANT SOONER! There are circumstances in which the eviction process can happen sooner – rather than later. ...

How to Pay for a Personal Injury Attorney

Apr 27, 2020

When you’re injured in a car accident, bills can quickly accumulate. You may feel like the at-fault party’s insurance compa...

2020 Medicaid Income Eligibility Requirements

Apr 27, 2020

HOW MUCH $$$ CAN YOU HAVE & STILL GET MEDICAID TO PAY FOR NURSING HOME CARE? If your spouse or parent needs Medicaid to pay for the...

How to Qualify for Medicaid Without Losing All Your Retirement

Apr 27, 2020

If your spouse or parent needs long-term care in a nursing home but they cannot afford the cost, he or she will need Medicaid to cover ...

What Is Med Pay? Should I Use It?

Apr 26, 2020

Robinson & Henry personal injury attorney’s get asked often “Why are my doctors trying to bill my auto insurance? It wa...